On April 15th, at 12.00 UTC we will release the Botocean Beta Phase with a limited number of seats.

This is very exciting for us as we will be able to provide the 20 largest BOT holders who register through our Google form access to the 1st bot on the platform: Orka BTC Swap. Through this form, we are registering the largest BOTS holders interested in joining our platform beta.

Orka BTC Swap works for BTC, on Binance. The seats are limited, therefore, we kindly ask you to register on the list no later than April 14th, 1.00PM GMT.


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Since the industrial revolution began, we, as human beings, have been focused on automating everything. Until the eighties, the stock market was still mostly manually managed through phone calls and paper bills. Since cryptocurrencies first appeared, many traders have tried to either beat the market by lying awake at night waiting for the best trade or build and automate their activity and minimize the time spent looking at OHLCV charts and order books.

This article will dive deeper into what manual and algorithmic trading are and hopefully answer your questions.

Let’s take a close look into both trading systems so…

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Hey guys, welcome to our third AMA session! Last Saturday’s topics were quite varied, and many interesting questions have come to our attention. Here’s the recap, containing both the Marketing and Technical subcategories:

Tech-savvy section

Do you have any plans for white label services that use $bots in the back end? E.g., direct intervention with exchanges.

We plan on offering our technology to multiple types of partners such as market makers and other vital players on the market.

How big is the potential market?

It is the equivalent of the entire CMC market cap.

The team has said that the first bots on the platform will be based on the Orkalabs strategy? What is the type of algorithm bot that is going to be implemented into the platform first? What is the algorithm based on to provide a successful strategy?

The first bots available on the platform will have trend-following strategies built into them. Kucoins bot is probably the grid trading bot that will also come as a feature on our platform.

Both types of…

Hello everyone, and welcome to our Weekly Thursday Update!

Update #1: We just welcomed a new Marketing Manager

Her name is Ana, and we are very excited to see what she has in store when it comes to enhancing brand visibility and actively promoting our product. Ana’s experience and a proactive attitude are two significant assets for our community, which will undoubtedly expand in the months to come, thanks to the team’s joint efforts.

Update #2: Work on our website is well underway

You will soon be able to enjoy the full Bot Ocean experience, with all that this entails. …

Hey guys, and welcome to our second AMA recap!

Last Saturday’s topics will be divided into the two categories you’ve grown accustomed to keeping things organized and easy to browse through.

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter and take a closer look at the marketing section.

Are there any plans of having a YouTube influencer making a few mentions of BOTS?

We have a few proposals from influencers, and we are looking to find the best fit. I don’t want to spend invested money on low results.

Community is the foundation to any project’s success in the crypto space. Any plans to boost the community?

As you have seen, the community is more active for a while. We will prepare more content and progress updates.

Another question I had is regarding Twitter. I know you guys probably don’t have much to show but take a look at Orion. Just try to be active there and spread the word, please. No need for fancy words or news every day just interact with the community share sneak peeks from time to time.

We started more Twitter activities. As I said last week as well, we will have around three posts per week.

Any further plans for staking or incentives for holders?

We are working…

Hello everyone, and welcome to our Weekly Thursday Update!

Update #1: Pre-registrations

Pre-registrations are open! To pre-register, you can use the signup feature of the app. Users who join the app now will be part of the 1st batch of users. To pre-register, you can use the signup feature of the app. We’ll release features gradually, and we will keep you posted via Telegram and email.

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As promised, we are releasing a summary of last Saturday’s AMA (Feb 27th), so you can now get all your answers in 1 place.

The intro contains answers to the most common questions you’ve had pre-AMA, and the second part represents the actual answers you got during the session. The sections are divided into two subcategories:

  1. Marketing
  2. Technology

We’re always here to clarify any of your concerns and look forward to our weekly AMA. Keep in mind that we will be releasing news as we go, so check our communication channels regularly.

A topic that has been discussed quite…

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Today we are burning 15% of the total supply or 15,000,000 BOTS. To find out why we are doing it read to the end of this article. Rest assured this is just the beginning of many more updates to come in March.

The current circulating supply has been debated on Telegram for a time already, so we want to clarify this topic before moving forward.

The current circulating supply is 21,941,069.23, including UniSwap Liquidity.

The current circulating supply is :

  • 7,812,500 BOTS — UniSwap Liquidity
  • 3,000,000 BOTS — Private Sale
  • 3,000,000 BOTS — Public Sale
  • 500,000 BOTS — Seed
  • 4,000,000…

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Hello everyone, and welcome to our 1st Weekly Update! We want to keep you up-to-date, so here’s what we have so far. Promise we keep it short and sweet.

Update #1: User Pre-registration

Work on the platform is well underway! Pre-registrations will start in the first half of March. You will be able to log into the platform and be pre-registered in the 1st batch of users. Hell of a way to welcome spring, right?

We will announce new features and releases via email (for the users who register in the demo version) and Telegram (our community).

Update #2: New devs joined the team!

Our second piece of news…

Dear Bot Ocean Community Members,

In preparation for the opening of the staking pools on 17th of February, 16:00 UTC, we would like to offer this guide to help you throughout the staking process.

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask an admin on our Telegram channel: https://t.me/botocean.

Good luck and may you have a smooth staking process. Happy staking!

Staking Steps

  1. Download and install the Ethereum based web wallet MetaMask.
  2. Add BOTS to your MetaMask. This is the contract —0xf9FBE825BFB2bF3E387af0Dc18caC8d87F29DEa8 — and it’s “18” decimals.
  3. Deposit minimum (1000 BOTS for VIP) amount BOTS…

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